May 8, 2015

grilling season

We have met the grilling of days of late spring, which only makes us hunger for summer. I'm really just a huge fan of eating supper in the garden, you know. On the back patio, on the deck, on the roof of the building, in a deep-set, open window. The air was gold as the meat comes off of the grill and we finished making salads in the kitchen. All the food comes out onto the table. It groans with the weight of it. As the light fades, we linger over mouthfuls of roasted potatoes, lamb, and kale salad. Later in the summer there will be tomatoes and zucchini from the garden, pork shishkabobos, fresh spinach, and berries from the vine for dessert. Now we hurry inside because the sun does not leave enough warmth behind it, but in a few months we will be there still when the stars come out. For now, though, we are content to eat under the branches of the cherry tree, together. 

May 4, 2015

these days

The school year is drawing to a close. Always before, I have never really understand my friends who lacked motivation to finish school more than a month before we shut the doors behind us. I was ready to be done, but still ready to finish the year strong. This year though, more than ever before, I am weary of the papers to write, chapters to read, of the school where I have no friends. I am ready to give my chances to a new one, buildings of brick and bright with light. A place open with the sky spread far and wide above. A place full of holes, just like here. These are, after all, human cities. We ourselves are the human fabric. We are not the One that gives them life, but we give it our flavor and make it a home for those around us. It is a city with cracks, just like this one, but it is a new place where I have only ever spent seventy-two hours. Where there are only two that know me and only a handful more whom I have met. I have a bike and a heart that is willing and eager to belong to a new place.

I did not think that I would be so eager and ready to leave Washington--only a few years ago I was longing to come back. There are many people here who I love, who love me, and who I will miss dearly. But. But I think I am ready to change. The two months I spent in France this winter gave me a taste for life on my own. It was hard, in the end, but filled with far more good than bad. I know that part of this readiness to leave is because I know that I am leaving. If I planned to stay home another year, I would still have itchy feet, but less eager, I think to run away. Ready I am, though, and glad to drive across the desert in a few months and make myself a new home for a few years.

Yes, I am filled with expectancy for the good, the bad, and the holy that is to come. I look forward to seeing how the Lord will change me, root me, even though I know there will be pain in it. The Lord has promised to keep me and love me, always. All he does, he does in love. I need nothing more than to remember and believe that.

March 9, 2015

camp de neige 2015

Ski camp is over.

It was a blessing to not only be able to go this year, but to be there to serve. When we planned this trip I knew I wanted to make sure the dates lined up. There is a heart of family and of service in these camps, and for me, it is more than skiing or sunshine (although, sitting at the foot of the Mont Blanc all week? A little piece of heaven). There is intention, love, hard work, honesty, and wild fun in every part of it. I don't know what to say other than that these are my people and this is my home and wow I love them a whole lot.