July 20, 2015

De Fevrier

"Diner!" Jean-Noel calls out across the house. In a loud tumble, all five of us get up off of the couch, four of us jumping up more easily, while Antoine moves slowly with his crutches. We run across the house, bumping into each other and throwing words back and forth in loud, loving voices. This is where I belong, I thought, in the midst of a loud and busy family.

There is a nurse that comes every evening to give Antoine a shot of pain medication, following his knee surgery last week. Yesterday when she came, all five of us kids were flopped on the couch watching Les Profs while Jean-Noel and Alia went to go get dinner. Antoine saw headlights out of the window and said "She's here." In an instant, as if we had rehearesed the scene, we sprang into motion. We paused the movie and turned the TV off. Antoine said, "Quick! Let's all look like we were not just vegging in front of the TV!" Jeanne grabbed her tablet, Simon said "someone hand me a book," I opened my computer, and Martin went to open the door. I started cracking up. "Noo, we're just five kids sitting on the couch on a Sunday night during vacation being studious and and quiet." Martin, Simon and I all had to flee the room so as to avoid serious merriment in front of the poor nurse, who asked, Antoine later said, where the clowns had gotten to upon hearing the hilarity exploding on the other side of the house.

From February, when I was in France. 

July 19, 2015

The Southwest | Part One | Valley of Fire

We have some very dear and beloved friends visiting us from France, and so we took it upon ourselves to show them the wild lands of the American West. Actually, most of us were discovering them for the first time right alongside them. My general conclusions of the week are that I like the desert a lot more than I thought I did, that we do not have enough sky in Seattle, and that colors are God's best invention.

We flew down to Las Vegas, and quickly headed north to Utah. On our way we stopped off at a quiet state park to stretch our legs and eat supper. A good thing, too, because it turned out to be some people's favorite stop of the whole trip. 

July 8, 2015

The Three Amigas | Queen Anne

I've known these two dear women since middle school, and they're some of my favorites. Now we're scattered across the country between the Bible Belt, New York City, and our beloved West Coast (someone has to stay true!), so times when all three of us are there really are special. After church on Sunday we drove across the lake, and they put up with my attitude as we wandered Queen Anne and ate the most fabulous bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwiches. Praise the Lord for friends like these.