September 27, 2015

The Southwest | Bryce Canyon National Park

We left our last full day in the southwest open in our planning, hemming and hawing between visiting the south rim of the Grand Canyon, going back to Zion, or driving further north to Bryce. After the enthusiastic encouragement of strangers-turned-friends we settled on Bryce, and I am so glad we did.

'Cuz what's a national park without a hammock?

September 26, 2015

The Southwest | Zion National Park

I'm sitting on my college dorm bed, watching the late afternoon light fall across my walls, listening to Jenny + Tyler, resting after a busy week. I'm glad to be here in Idaho, but thought I would share some of our summer travels because I miss my family and these friends and it was such a deep, good July. So, Zion National Park. We rode the buses up the canyon and ate lunch by the side of the river. Hiking down afterwards, we were awarded sweeping views of the valley and I couldn't help but sing. 

"We're marching to Zion, beautiful, beautiful Zion. We're marching upward to Zion, that beautiful city of God."

September 9, 2015

You led me by the hand into a land of green and gold.

Almost three weeks into this. It's been a time of change: new places and new friends and new ways of living life. It's also been blessed with the presence and encouragement of old friends, both here in Idaho and strung out across the world. It's a learning curve for sure. Honesty and grace and the hard work of perseverance. I miss my people and the comforts of home, but there is no place I would rather be than here. I know that the Lord has good plans for me. I am praying for a deep, gritty, honest life and I can taste the hard glory coming.

Title from After All These Years by Andrew Peterson.